Thursday, April 14, 2011

Cheetos - Brilliance

Ok, I don't know about you all, but Cheetos commercials have been rocking my world!!  SO FUNNY!  And I'd kinda like some Cheetos now.  Check out these two gems!

Commercial Rating: Brilliance

 Commercial Rating:  Double Brilliance

YES! YES! YES!  That is the marketing team I want to be on when I graduate!  

IHOP - Genius

This IHOP commercial had in me in tears laughing at it's cuteness!  I mean, literally on the floor of my studio apartment, crying laughing and scrambling for the remote to watch the 16 seconds all over again.   

Commercial Rating:  Genius 

Craniums & Commercials

Hello everybody!

My name is Angelica Jones and I am a Marketing major.  Ever since I was a kid I LOVED commercials, jingles and all.  As I got older I began to really look at them and analyze them.  Adding education to age and experience  to perception, my interest in commercials only grew and my analyzing got more intricate.

This blog is to highlight the good, bad and the ugly of the commercial world.  These commercials are viewed by me, in my own free time, at home.  Hope you enjoy!