Monday, June 27, 2011

Hot Pockets, Hilarious

I LOVE this commercial!  It's really clever and poignant.

The waitress' dancing was the cherry on top!

Filtrete Water Station...Wait, what?

I saw this commercial and became instantly confused.  I really looked at the product and tried to apply it to my life.  "Would this product enhance my life?"  

The answer, no.  Even based on the "9 to 5" schedule I have, no.  I drink large amounts of water, more than I believe is right but whatevs *shrug.  I'm looking at this bottle and it's about the same size as any other water bottle.  It just seems that if people just recycled we could be alright...instead of creating a potentially very unsanitary and honestly, pretty useless machine.  

Fergie = Elvira?

So, in watching my usual dose of trash on television this commercial comes on...

This commercial is a mix of too much and not enough.  Too much of Fergie being bought and sold as a Soda-pop whore, who is VERY inappropriate with fruit and carbonated beverages(oh my!), and not enough actual material Dr. Pepper could be proud of.  I understand the concept of product placement (her song in the background) and making a dollar (oooor several millions, undeniable that sex sells).  I just wonder where the imagination is.  *Crotch shot, classy.