Monday, April 27, 2015

Dear Air Wick, Words Mean Things

Pleasant smells, don't know anyone who doesn't want them around.  
But I was extremely confused by the choice of words used for this spot.

Let me take you to my step-by-step reaction while watching this via the copy:

"When Kevin returns to his childhood home, he's struck by a series of nostalgic scents. He smells baked pears, then pie crust and vanilla..." 


"They transport him back to the days where Mom gave pep talks..."

*nods slowly*

"...and Dad gave slightly inappropriate advice."

"...the hell?!  What does that even mean?"
*minds races to patriarchy, sexism, rape culture*

"With Air Wick Life Scents, the first constantly changing fragrance, 
you'll feel just as welcomed home as Kevin did."

Were my thoughts extremes?  Yes.  Am I naive to nuances?  No.  Words mean things Air Wick.  They just do.  Poor choices for an otherwise very intriguing product.

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