Friday, May 15, 2015

Thanks, Mr. W

The concept of marketing is sometimes cynically looked upon as 'evil' and 'capitalistic' .  However, it can be used to further the efforts of great causes and the organizations and/or companies that need the visibility or funding.

This commercial for Epuron, a leading renewable energy company, decided to use social marketing in this brilliant spot to promote renewable energy efforts with Mr. W(ind).  

Huge kudos to the creative teams that put this together.

Production company: Paranoid
Creative/Directive collective: The Vikings

In an AdAge interview, The Vikings said this about the project's objective:

"Actually, there were two different clients with two different objectives. B.M.U., the German Ministry for the Environment, wanted to improve the general public's opinion of wind energy. Epuron was looking for investors. Though there were two different target groups, the same creative solution appealed to both."

This spot speaks to what I love about marketing.

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