Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Way To Interrupt Esurance, Kudos

I, like many people I know listen to music while studying.  Depending on the workload and deadline it can go from 90's R&B to strictly instrumental Classical music.  Today, moments ago, I was reading/note taking for my Integrated Marketing Strategy class (tr√©s ironic, no?) and listening to 80's Soft Rock.

Do not judge me.

...anyway, I do not pay for Pandora so I get ads, don't really mind because, Marketing.  I hear what I can only describe as purposely bad opera with no lyrics...I then open the tab with Pandora and seconds later I hear, "Sorta your station, isn't your station."

Image result for esurance logo

Mind. Blown.

Esurance has been running an integrated campaign "Sorta you, isn't you." This campaign focuses on paying for what is right for YOU not someone with similar credentials.  So good.

Why is it great?  Once I heard the "music" I was confused and forced to open the tab to see what the heck was assaulting my ears.  It put my eyes on the ad.  Plain and simple.  This is such a great example of what good marketing does.  Takes a platform (Pandora).  Really understands how consumers use it (is aware that many people do not keep the main tab visible).  Commanded attention (makes people open the tab to see what's playing).

Super smart.  Kudos to Leo Burnett for the overall campaign.

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