Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Et tu, Shea Moisture?

Me, knowing how bad social media is gonna be.

I have many questions, but mainly..."Again?!"

Honestly, who is in these rooms?  Who was the person that DIDN'T speak up during concepting?

Here's the breakdown:

Shea Moisture pulled an ad on Monday that was supposed "to demonstrate the challenges that women have had and continue to have with the societal norms of beauty," according to company founder Richelieu Dennis.  However, the ad which features ONE woman of color, missed the mark.  Big time.  Now, I'm not saying that White people CAN'T or DON'T use Shea Moisture, buy my God.  

This is yet another instance of a brand being woefully tone deaf.  The marketer in me said, "So you basically ignore your core (that got you where you are now) in an attempt to 'crossover'.  *slow nod* Baaaaaby, your mentions are going to be ON FIRE today!"

Black people spend 53% higher on personal care items, than our counterparts (Nielsen).  Not paying attention to that stat alone will 100% leave a brand in the dust, ESPECIALLY those targeted towards Black women.  Data man, you can't build bricks without clay.

The biggest mistake was the blaring visual erasure of their core, which felt like a slap in the face.  As if Black women can't have or SUPPORT anything all their own (we represented 50% of the $1.2 trillion buying power in 2015).  We need to feel that we have a brand that speaks directly to us, the whole diaspora, and our needs.  

I don't understand how so many brands continue to not pull from their stores of common sense.  Entrance into the 'general market' does NOT have to mean erasure of entire groups of people.  Further, the GM no longer looks as it did even 10 years ago.  Neglecting to note that...*face palm.  

Inclusion at Shea Moisture should look like the complexities of Black women's storied journey to acceptance (despite society's efforts) of their hair, their skin, in their beauty and in their blackness.  That'll curl all the way over.

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